Starting from


per month for 10 members

What's included in this price? Everything

Schedule classes and events
Set and track goals
Create invoices and receive payments
Share photos and videos
Manage and track actions without your team
Store all documents centrally for easy access
Access your entire club database in one mini CRM
Send and receive individual and group messages
Send notifications in bulks
Collaborate with all the coaches in the club
Access for everyone involved - parents, coaches, members
Works on what works best for you - iOS, Android or PC
($2.99 / month for every additional member)

That's not all...

Ready to go-live in hours

Training where and when you need it

Online and in-person support

Dedicated customer success

Pricing FAQs

Is there a catch?

No! We realized early on that the real value of platforms like these is when clubs and schools can use all of the functionalities. But price often gets in the way and therefore trade-offs are made that reduces the transformational impact that we are shooting for.

Who is counted as a member?

Anyone that is registered to attend classes or events. This does NOT include coaches, admins and parents all of whom get access to the platform for free

Will new features cost more?

Nope! That would be against what we are going for here. The only exception would be features that add to our costs (e.g. SMS) or advanced functionality not required by everyone (e.g. AI based video analysis)

What about discounts?

Who doesn't love a discount? Talk to us as we we'd love to offer a discount for annual commitments paid upfront. Drop us a line here!