Dance to your own beat!

> Do you spend more time on admin than on teaching dance?

> Does running a dance studio involve more of chasing - student, payments and parents?

> Is it hard to know if your students are improving from lesson to lesson?

> Does your studio use several systems to communicate, share documents, book classes?

Yes? Let's Outcoach!

Your class timetable in the palm of your hand

Plan all upcoming dance lessons, team activities and competitions easily. Outcoach can help you do things like track attendance levels, write important notes and assign actions to team-members so everyone knows what the schedule is, who’s playing and what’s next.

group of ballerinas dancing while raising both hands
group of ballerinas dancing while raising both hands

Easily message your students, teachers and parents

No more sending countless messages across email, text, Whatsapp, etc. Have all communication in the one place with the team group chat and send any other individual messages to club members easily whether it’s discussing tactics, switching venues or organising car-pooling.

man and woman dancing together
man and woman dancing together

The assistant you didn't know you needed

Outcoach takes care of scheduling, payments and student development, freeing you up for the things that matter!

Collecting payments has never been easier

Take the hard work out of invoicing. With the payments module you can create invoices, track who’s paid, send invoice reminders and let members/parents pay via a variety of methods such as Stripe, Paypal, Gpay, etc. Make admin work easier so you can leave more time for the things that matter - winning the competition!

women dancing near mirror
women dancing near mirror

Track and share student progress

We get that dance doesn't happen overnight and it takes years of practice. Use the evaluations module to set goals for your students, monitor progress, provide feedback and share photos and videos of their achievements with their parents

group of people dancing on brown wooden floor
group of people dancing on brown wooden floor

All the information you need for your dance studio in the one place

Teacher Notifications

Ensure accountability with the actions module. Assign actions to anyone to make life easy whether it's locking up after practice or packing up.

Share important and relevant documents such as rules, lesson-plans or club information with coaches in an easy, convenient and centralised place.

Whether it's a washout or needing to move to another pitch, Outcoach can let everyone know immediately to ensure there's no confusion

It can be easy to lose track of everyone that's in your club or school. Have a simple place to see and manage information of club members through profiles

Everyone in your dance school gets access to Outcoach

With Outcoach, every single person involved with your dance school gets access to Outcoach - Coaches, members, their parents and anyone else. You will only ever pay a single fee per member to enable access for everyone. Moreover, Outcoach has been built from the ground up to be mobile first and is available on Apple and Google Play Store in addition to working on any web browser.